Product Lifecycle

All of our beautiful bags start their lives in the hands of the talented women weavers of Guatemala. 

Guatemala Lake and Volcano

 Dedicated Artisans weave each textile using backstrap looms to delicately create clothing providing purpose, protection, and beauty. These talented women use techniques that have been passed down for generations, often from memorized patterns or created as the artisan goes, making for subtle nuances in each one-of-a-kind piece. Once made into clothing, these intricate blouses are cared for and appreciated by a strong community. 

Teresa a Guatemalan Artisan weaving cotton thread on a loom

 Later, these pieces of art are ready to start the next phase of their marvelous life. Full-grain leather, crafted by another gifted and practiced leather artisan is prepared to become one with of these unique, hand-picked swatches, to be combined into an authentic and truly unique piece of art. 

Bright handmade textiles on full grain leather swatch


Not all art is meant to be appreciated by hanging, just out of reach, in a towering museum. This wearable art is meant for you, to appreciate and cherish as the Guatemalan women do. Its beauty is meant to be shared with everyone you walk past and to carry and protect the items which are important to you. 

Woman with MoonLake Designs Emma CDB on dock over Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

 They all start their lives the same, but all of their distinctive perfections and handmade imperfections are there for you, to be as one of a kind as you are. Connecting you to a colorful past while you bring its rich history into a more sustainable future. 


Woman in Guatemala wildnerness with MLD Fringe bag