Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a huipil? 

⇸ A huipil is the word for a blouse in Kaqchikel, the Mayan language. A huipil is handwoven by women, usually on a backstrap loom and are heavily decorated with designs woven into the fabric. Every stitch has deep, significant meaning and correlation to where the weaver lives.

What kind of leather do you use?

⇸ We use top-quality cowhide leather, handcrafted by local artisans. We do our best to obtain leather that is a byproduct of the meat industry.

What makes MoonLake Designs ethical?

⇸ At MoonLake we pride ourselves as being part of the Slow Fashion movement. Our entire collection is artisan-made, meaning small batches made at in-home workshops with minimal waste. The majority of our bags and accessories are sustainably made using previously owned and worn,  vintage textiles, that we source from the local textile market. 

⇸ MoonLake partners with local artisans in Guatemala to source materials and craft our handmade collection. Offering fair wages and above adequate price per item is of utmost importance to us. In order to ensure fair earnings, we allow our artisans to set their own prices.

⇸ Non-factory working conditions:

In Guatemala’s rural indigenous communities, women don’t traditionally work outside the home. Working with MoonLake allows our female artisans to determine when and where they work. Many of our female artisans choose to comfortably work from home and make their own hours. Sometimes, for special collections, we commission for new pieces of textiles, this flexibility allows them to care for their families while bringing in an additional income in their spare time. Our male leather workers are a cooperative of close relatives, made up of brothers, uncles, and cousins working in a small home workshop.

How do I care for my bag?

⇸ Please visit our Product Care page for detailed instructions on how to take great care of your MoonLake Designs bag.

How do I know which bag is right for me?

⇸ We offer bags in sizes ranging from mini, small, medium, and large in a wide variety of styles and designs. You can search for a bag to fit your needs by size, style, or type. Our Everyday Carry collection offers great options for daily bags in every size. Many of our large bags make great weekender or carry-on bags, while our clutches provide options for the opposite need, something small and convenient. Most importantly we offer a one-of-a-kind option for every personality and need. We’ve included some of our favorite uses for each bag type in their product descriptions along with their dimensions. If you have any doubts about which bag is right for you, please email us at moonlakedesigns@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to assist you!

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Please allow 3 business days for your order to be processed prior to shipment

⇸ Please allow 3-7 days transit time for your order to be delivered depending on your location and the shipping option you select

Where is my order confirmation or shipment tracking email?

⇸ Please check your spam folder for emails from MoonLake Designs since new emails may be mistaken as junk mail.  

I’ve ordered bags from other sites, and I didn’t receive the bag that was in the picture, I got ‘something similar’. What bag will I get when I buy from MLD?

⇸ We know how disappointing it is to find a product you love, just to receive a 'similar' product instead. Each of our bags is one of a kind and we make sure the product you purchase is the same product that you receive. The bag that is listed is the exact bag you will be purchasing*, but please keep in mind that actual colors may slightly vary. This is due to computer monitors displaying colors differently and everyone can see these colors differently. We try extremely hard to ensure our photos are as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual color may vary slightly from your monitor. 

* Some products have an additional picture of a model with the same product type, but not always the same product number. These pictures are always placed at the end of product pictures list. 

I ordered a bag from you, but I changed my mind, can I exchange for a different product?

⇸ All Sales are Final. Please read the entire product description and review product photos thoroughly. If you’ve made a mistake with your order, please contact us immediately at moonlakedesigns@gmail.com. If your order has not already been processed, we will do our best to help you with an exchange. We do not issue refunds.

Why can’t I order more than one of the same bag?

⇸ Each bag is one of a kind and completely unique, which is why we can only sell each bag in a quantity of 1. If you would like to place a custom order of more than one please contact us at moonlakedesigns@gmail.com. Although we cannot produce completely identical bags we will endeavor to recreate the bag as closely as possible. These custom orders are not always available so please contact us with your request for further instruction. 

If I save a product to my cart, will it still be available if I come back to purchase it a few days later?

⇸ Products are first come first serve, please keep in mind that adding a product to your cart will not reserve the item for you until you decide to purchase. If you have your heart set on an item that is listed as out of stock, please contact us and we will try to find you another one as similar as possible.

I received the wrong product! What do I do?

⇸ We are so sorry, as humans, we all make mistakes. Please contact us as soon as possible at moonlakedesigns@gmail.com so we can begin reprocessing your order immediately. Please include your contact information, order number, and a photo of the bag you received. 

I received my product, but I am unhappy with my purchase. Can I return it?

⇸ All sales are final. Please read the entire product description and review product photos thoroughly before purchase. We cannot accept returns or exchanges, and we ask that customers please review our return policy before placing an order. 

My product arrived damaged, how can I exchange it?

⇸ We hate the disappointment that accompanies receiving a damaged product, and we are happy to work out an exchange for damaged goods. Please contact us at moonlakedesigns@gmail.com. Please keep in mind, MoonLake Designs is not responsible for any damages caused by customer misuse or negligence.

Is there an option to buy bags in person?

⇸ MoonLake Designs got its start in Markets and we're happy to announce that you can find us there again! Keep up with us on Instagram to keep up with the latest news.

Follow us on IG @moonlakebags for more updates.

What changes are you making in response to COVID-19?

⇸ The safety of our artisans, our customers, and those who work with us are what matters most right now. Like all small businesses, every purchase helps us stay afloat, and we want you to feel safe doing so. All of our bags are in storage in Oregon where they are not being touched or handled until an order is placed. Bags are only handled with the appropriate protective equipment including gloves, masks, and disposable cleaning materials. Bags are placed into clean plastic protective bags and sealed inside a cardboard box. After your product is delivered, we recommend sitting the box aside and waiting three days, per CDC guidance, before opening your product. Dispose of or store shipping materials. We generally recommend ways of reusing your shipping boxes and materials to cut down on environmental waste.  If you choose to do so, please set these materials aside for the recommended time before reusing them.

CDC recommendations change over time, please refer to CDC.gov for the most up to date recommendations.

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